Toy of the Week – Skallops!




Skallops are an awesome new addition to our inventory!


These laser-cut clips are made of the highest quality birch plywood, and can be used to build anything!


Each kit comes with pre-cut and colored designs to make dragons, birds, airplanes, or dinosaurs – like this one:


dino skallops


But you can also use Skallops with a regular deck of playing cards to stretch your imagination even more!





Check out Skallops here in the store!

At $9.99, they make a great and affordable gift for the creative mind!




Rave Reviews!

Hallelujah! We so needed a toy store like this one! Our kids love this store, there is something for everyone at every age level. And the quality of the toys is very high --- nothing cheap-o depot. We are so glad Brilliant Sky opened in Green Hills...this area of town was a desert for toy-shoppers; but no more!
Matthew S., Nashville, TN